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标题: 关于星座,星座头和星座尾的理解 [打印本页]

作者: leizi1971    时间: 2013-01-17 19:17     标题: 关于星座,星座头和星座尾的理解


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这是大卫老师对你第一个问题的回复:If the signs are not constellations then how can they have any forces or influence? (因为其实不大了解你第一个问题在问什么,所以就简单理解为上述问题了)

The signs have NO forces at all.  The signs are a "measurement" of the Earth's relationship with the Sun.  Whatever combination of energy or so called "forces" stem from the Earth's relationship with the Sun.  Understand this, 96% of our Solar Systems mass comes from the Sun!  So we are talking about how the earth's relationship with the Sun effects human behavior and human nature.

One must take into account the various features of Earth's orbit around the Sun, that are "repeated" each year, to grasp how these yearly variations play a role in the "dynamic effect" of the Zodiac.  However, it is my contention that science does not yet understand the full effect of solar energy in this context.  I admidt it is an over simplification to say that the physical cause lies in the Earth's response to Solar force or Solar energy as it orbits the Sun, but this is the obvious basis of any "physical cause" regarding the effect on human nature and human behavior, and this is what the zodiac measures.

Our solar system is an organizing system for life.
作者: Felicia    时间: 2013-01-18 21:53     标题: 回复 1 # 的帖子


There are branches of western astrology that asign a "meaning" to each degree of the 360 degrees of the zodiac, such as "sabian symbols."  Such degree symbolism is "highly speculative" and I have seen only a few cases that suggest there might be something valid about this.  There is no doubt that the 12 fold division of the earth's orbit around the Sun has variations within each sign.  For example, there is the division of each sign into sections of 10 degrees called decanates.  Earch decan has a specific meaning different from the others, etc.  However, I must say that in "practice" I have not found these disctinctions significant or obvious at all.  You may be correct in assuming that the begining of a sign is different that the end of a sign, I think that in terms of cycles there is some truth in this!  However, the meaning of this appears to be not a high priority in practice.  I would say the importance of this variation is not a high priority.

I have seen the late degrees of each sign as more "full" or "expressive" of the signs nature, as if representing a fuller or more mature expression of the sign, but again there are other factors in a chart of much greater priority than this.
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